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By sr0cke2 Posted June 13, 2018 In Blog

Have you updated your living room furniture? Are you downsizing and need to store your larger couch? No matter what the circumstances are you can trust Spare Space Storage in Orem to rent you the storage unit you need to properly fit your couch. To help you in preparing your couch for its stay in our facility we have gathered some preparation tips for you to follow.

Clean your Couch Thoroughly

Our couches encounter a lot of dirt and grime when in our houses. Constant use, food particles, and pets all have a part in the deterioration of your couch. Before storing your couch for a period of time it is important to make sure you clean o anything that may be harmful to your couch in the long run. Remember to use water-based or synthetic-based cleaners with most couches. These cleaning products will protect the fabric of your couch and still give you the cleanliness it needs. If you have a leather couch, a small dab of olive oil on a microfiber cloth will clean and protect the leather. Make sure your couch is completely dry before storing.

The Storage Unit

Depending on the size of your couch, you will need a storage unit that will fit your couch. It is not recommended renting a storage unit smaller than your couch. Shoving a couch into a space that is too small will cause damage to the structure of the couch as well as cause potentials tears in the fabric. Spare Space Storage in Orem has units in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Protect your Couch

To make sure the quality of you couch remains the same in the storing process it is important to protect your couch on the way to storage and in storage as well. Protect your couch during the transportation process. Make sure your couch is covered and protected from dirt and potential harm from other furniture being moved. When in the storage unit you will want to invest in sheets or drop cloths to protect it from dust and moisture. Stay away from plastic couch covers. These can trap in moisture and cause mildew to form on your couch.

Lifit up

The best way to store a couch is to store it o of the ground. This will protect your couch from potential spills or accidents. You can easily place your couch on a tarp or on wood pallets to keep it from getting damaged on the ground.

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